Join the group of responsible energy users!

Every measure improving the use of energy is important. Even small measures have a great effect when added up. A new Energy Efficiency Agreement period in Finland is scheduled over 2017–2025. By joining the Energy Efficiency Agreement and committing to improve their use of energy, a company or a municipality is doing their part. Together we are building energy-efficient Finland.

Choosing the voluntary path

Finland is committed to strict targets to improve energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency Agreements, chosen in cooperation by the Government and industrial/municipal associations, are a tool to fulfil the EU energy efficiency obligations set for Finland without resorting to legislation or other coercive measures.

The aim of these agreements is to improve the efficient use of energy within industry, the energy sector, service sector, property and building sector, municipalities, and oil-heated real estates.

For several years, companies and municipalities have taken voluntary measures to improve their use of energy. Since the 1990s, Energy Efficiency Agreements have been the primary tool in Finland for improving energy efficiency and meeting the strict EU obligations on improved efficiency in energy use.

Actions that matter

Hundreds of Finnish companies and municipalities had joined the Energy Efficiency Agreements 2008-2016. As a result of the energy efficiency measures they have implemented, the annual energy consumption has in the end of 2016 been reduced by as much as 15,9 TWh. The measures reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,7 million tonnes and unnecessary energy costs by EUR 560 million.

Viimeksi päivitetty 20.12.2017
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