Energy Genius of the Year Competition

Has your workplace or business partner committed an act of energy efficiency, which is not just clever but down right genius?

We are not looking only for the biggest and most spectacular measures; in this competition, even smaller deeds can mean great things. Effectiveness, distinctiveness and courage are assets.

Nominate your organisation or one that you know for the competition by 4 November 2019. You can also participate in the competition with several parties’ joint energy efficiency measure.


The Energy Authority and the state’s Sustainable Development Company Motiva award the most laudable acts of energy efficiency with the Energy Genius recognition. The Energy Genius of the Year symbol will be awarded for the first time this year.


Who is eligible?

The competition is open to those companies and municipal actors who have joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement. A system/service provider can nominate, for example, their client company or municipality for the competition, if the organisation has joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement. You can also participate in the competition with several parties’ joint energy efficiency measure.


In search of the most energy genius measures

You can also participate in the competition with an energy efficiency measure, which is

  • a concrete measure to enhance energy use
  • a campaign
  • training
  • a communications deed,
  • a procedure or
  • any exemplary way to promote energy efficiency.


What makes a measure energy genius?

Effective & produktive

An effective energy efficiency measure is tangible and significant for the actor. The measure may also have wider regional and societal significance. A productive measure has been successfully executed and offers diverse benefits.

Imaginative & inspiring

Imaginative energy efficiency measures stand out. The most inspiring measures emanate the desire to improve operations and to create and try new ways of doing things. Courageous and fresh implementations are often a sign of ingenuity.


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Sign Up

Sign up or nominate

Sign up your own organisation or tip us off of an organisation, which you think has promoted energy efficiency exceptionally well.

Registration is carried out using an online form. Before signing up, it is a good idea to study the competition rules and to ensure that the organisation has joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement for 2017-2025.

Fill in and send the registration form online by 4 November 2019.




Winners announced in December 2019

The winners have the right to use the “Energy Genius 2019” symbol in their communication.

The winners of the Energy Genius of the Year competition will be communicated to media, and they will be clearly advertised on the Energy Efficiency Agreement website and other communication related to the agreements. The winning measures/operations will be photographed.

The winners will receive a certificate in an event organised at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Competition guidelines

Study the competition guidelines

The guidelines will provide answers to the following questions: Who is eligible for the competition? What kinds of energy efficiency measures are eligible? How do you register for the competition? Is the information you provide public? What are the selection criteria for winning?

Energy Genius of the Year Competition – Competition Guidelines



Jury selects the winners

The winners of the 2019 Energy Genius competition are selected by a jury, whose members include highly respected experts in the field.

Jury members:

Tiina Sekki,
Energy Authority
D.Sc. (Tech.) Tiina Sekki works as Senior Engineer at the Energy Authority. Her main responsibility are energy efficiency agreements. She has an extensive experience from the environmental and energy issues of built-up environment covering both public and private sectors.

Pia Outinen,
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
M.Sc. (Tech.) Pia Outinen works as Senior Specialist at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Her main task is implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive in Finland. She has also experience related to the production and environmental duties in the industry as well as sustainable development and energy efficiency in municipalities.

Janne Hietaniemi,
M.Sc. (Tech.) Janne Hietaniemi specializes in innovative business models on cleantech field. He is also Vice President and a founding member of Solved. He has more than 20 years of experience from cleantech business and energy efficiency in the industry.

Esa Vakkilainen,
LUT University
D.Sc. (Tech.) Esa Vakkilainen is Professor of Energy Technology with special interest in renewable energy systems at LUT University in Lappeenranta. He has worked for the energy systems, energy saving and energy production of the industry. He examines actively ways to reduce the energy usage of the industry.

Liisa Rohweder,
D.Sc (Econ.) Liisa Rohweder is Secretary General and Managing Director of WWF Finland. She is an active influencer in social issues and has many positions of trust. E.g. she is Board Member of LUT University’s board and belongs also to advisory boards in sustainable development of Helsinki University, Aalto University, OP Financial Group, S Group and Luke Natural Resources Institute of Finland.

Ulla Suomi,
M.Sc. (Tech.) Ulla Suomi is an experienced specialist in implementation and evaluation of energy efficiency policy measures. At Motiva she is Director, Monitoring and Evaluation, working in close cooperation with the authorities to improve national energy efficiency.

More information

Enquire about the competition

Communications Manager Minna Mattsson
Motiva Oy
minna.mattsson [at] motiva.fi

Communications Officer Auli Elolahti
Motiva Oy
auli.elolahti [at] motiva.fi


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